Michael Dow

Founder, Director at Burning Ones
Michael is a husband and father of three.

I was lost and now I’m found. Living to know Him and make Him known!

It was October of 2002 that Michael walked into a church in Central Florida drug addicted, diseased and without hope. That night Michael had a love encounter with Jesus that radically changed his entire life. Since that encounter Michael has been relentless in his pursuit of Jesus and the preaching of the Gospel.

Michael is a graduate of Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL with a Bachelors Degree in Practical Theology. He is also the author of Free Indeed, The Breaking Point, and Fasting.

Michael preaches Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. His heart burns to see people encounter Jesus.

Anna Dow

Founder, Director at Burning Ones
Anna is a wife and mother of three.

I am a Burning One!

Anna has been in church her entire life. She is a Pastors Daughter who grew up in a home with parents who set an incredible example of a life set to seeking God. At an early age she connected with God in a real way that empowered her to live free from the entanglements of the world.

Anna has an incredible anointing to lead worship and is also a dynamic preacher. She has a heart that burns to lead people to real places of encounter with Jesus by the power of the Spirit.

Anna has led worship for house church gatherings, church services, conferences, and on TV programs, such as TBN’s Praise the Lord.  Anna has preached Church Services, Conferences, and retreats in various places around the world.